Aceste: maximum enjoyment

Maximum enjoyment. Aceste is the Benelli e-bike realize to feel you free to approach every type of trail, even the most complicated, with confidence and security. An e-bike with 27.5” wheels, which it will be impossible to separate one taken.

Aceste differs in the new range of Benelli e-bike beacuse it has both front and rear shock absorber. Aceste has a lithium battery 36V, 11Ah, rechargeable in 4-6 hours and the battery life is no less than 100km. This e-bike is also equipped with a central motor to ensure maximum balancing weights. The gearbox is a Shimano Deore 10 speed.

Guaranteed performance in braking, thanks to the technology offered by the hydraulic disc brakes. This new e-bike Benelli has finally integrated LCD handlebar indicating speed, distance covered, the level of battery charge and adjustment levels of pedal assistance, six.

Aceste: gray