Classica e Classica LX

Classica LX

Classica and Classica LX: elegance on two wheels

Classica and Classica LX: elegance on two wheels

It is the first e-bike of Benelli, the pedelec with a city character conceived to move easily in the urban traffic defeating for all the city stress, that now arrive on the market with new design: Classica Lx

Conceived for the urban streets, Classica Lx has a top speed of 25 km/h. This Benelli e-bike with frame in aluminium alloy is presented in two versions, with 26” and 28” wheels, and ensures reliability and comfort under any conditions.

The lithium battery Samsung® ( 36v, 10Ah) is very light, rechargeable in 4-6 hours and located in the front frame leaving free the section of the carrier. Classica Lx is available with a 3-speed Shimano® Nexus derailleur for 26” version and in 7-speed Shimano® Tourney derailleur for 28”. This e-bike has 4 levels PAS mode, indicated on LED display among with battery indicator.

Classica Lx is presented in white and light blue for 26” version and black for 28” version.

Classica 28”: black, white and cream
Classica 26”: black, white and cream
Classica LX 28”: black
Classica LX 26”: white and azure


CLASSICA LX 26” - 28”