Rebella: alternative to cars

Rebella , the first cargo e-bike Benelli, is the alternative to the car, to make small errands in the town, to go to make shopping or to transport small packages for work. Rebella is available in a model for men and for woman.

Confident and dynamic design, Rebella offers in both versions a 3-speed Shimano® Nexus derailleur, 4 PAS mode levels and a range of 70 km. This Pedelec mount a Twist-LED handlebar-mounted display where are indicated the PAS levels and battery indicators.

The battery, a Samsung® lithium of 36V, 11Ah, rechargeable in 4-6 hours is integrated into the carrier. This Benelli e-bike has 28” wheels, both in version for men and women, to ensure greater reliability on the road.

Rebella is available in dark gray, light blue and cream colours.

Rebella: dark gray, light blue and cream


Rebella 28”